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Writ finally dropped, Hancock looking forward to St. George’s-Stephenville East campaign

(August 1, 2014)  The NDP candidate in the St. George’s-Stephenville East byelection says she’s happy the government has finally made the byelection call official. Bernice Hancock adds that after 30 years of living in the district and working to help people there she is more than ready to represent them in the House of Assembly.

Hancock raised her family in Stephenville, and has been the Program Director for the Community Action Committee for Southwestern Newfoundland’s Family Resource Program for 18 years. She is also well-known for her volunteer work.

“For decades I’ve worked and volunteered with the people of this district,” Hancock said. “Their concerns are my concerns. I’m ready to join Lorraine Michael as part of the NDP caucus, and continue that work as an elected representative.”

Hancock says many residents of St. George’s-Stephenville East have told her they are grateful for the representation members of the NDP caucus have given them on issues ranging from healthcare and services for families and children to major environmental questions.

“It took an NDP MHA (St. John’s East MHA George Murphy) to come out here and bring attention to the issue of fracking and its potential effects on drinking water and the environment,” Hancock said.

“George kept at it, when no Tory or Liberal would say a word, and eventually the government announced a moratorium on fracking. I look forward to being that kind of representative, getting tangible wins for the people of St. George’s-Stephenville East.”

Michael welcomes candidate in St. George’s-Stephenville East

(July 11, 2014)  NL NDP Leader Lorraine Michael is in Stephenville today. One of the first things she did was help launch the campaign for the byelection which must be held before the end of the summer to fill a vacancy in the seat of St. George’s Stephenville East.Bernice_Head Shot

While government has yet to announce the date of the byelection, Michael says her party is ready. “We have an excellent, excellent candidate,” Michael said today.

Bernice Hancock has been part of the community here for three decades. In her work with the Community Action Committee, she has spent 18 years making people’s lives better. She is the volunteer co-chair of the Bay St. George Status of Women’s Council, a member of the Coalition to End Violence, and has been involved in dozens of campaigns over the years.”

“She has been active in the anti-fracking movement, in fighting to raise the minimum wage, and the ongoing demands for government to help small businesses.”

Michael and Hancock spoke to supporters and reporters today in the space which will be the campaign office.

“As your NDP MHA I will have the support of a party that puts people first and you will have a member whose focus is working in the community to ensure a better future together,” said Hancock.

The NDP Leader plans to spend the next few days in the district, attending events and canvassing with Hancock.

NL NDP raise the minimum wage campaign

NL NDP launches Raise the Minimum Wage Campaign

(June 5, 2014)  Please join New Democrats across the province in talking to our neighbours about RAISING THE MINIMUM WAGE.


  • In our province, we have the greatest percentage of the workforce earning the provincial minimum wage in Canada, with WOMEN, YOUTH and those from RURAL areas making up a disproportionate number of these workers
  • There has been NO INCREASE in the minimum wage since 2010, which has had detrimental impacts on the purchasing power of the most vulnerable members of the provincial workforce
  • Minimum wage earners DO NOT earn enough money for the necessities of life, and even full-time minimum wage earners barely meet the Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO) of $19,496 (single person)
  • Government has IGNORED the recommendations of its own 2012 Minimum Wage Review Committee for an immediate increase to reflect the cost of living, and annual adjustments in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), and instead legislated a 25-cent increase in October 2014, and a 25-cent increase in October 2015, with no indexing
  • Other provinces and territories have been raising their minimum wages, leaving NL on the low end


Our call to Raise the Minimum Wage and tie future increases to the Consumer Price Index highlights the difference between New Democrats and the other two parties in this province.

On April 16, 2014 the NDP presented a private member’s motion calling on government to accept the recommendations of government’s 2012 Minimum Wage Review Committee: immediately raise the hourly wage of the province’s lowest-paid workers and index future increases to the cost of living. 

All MHAs present from both the Liberal and PC caucuses voted against the NDP Private Member’s motion.


A copy of the Petition we will be asking our neighbours to sign is attached here (NL NDP Raise the Minimum Wage Petition) if you would like to get a head start gathering signatures – bring to your workplace, your schools, your neighbours!

Whether you are an experienced campaigner or this is your first time, don’t worry! We will give you all the information you need to feel comfortable and you won’t be canvassing alone. But remember to dress for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes.

To get involved call Mark at the Provincial Office at 709-739-6387 or and we will connect you with people in your community.